Feb 10, 2016

A Time Of New Beginnings

Today is the first day of Lent. It's a chance to make a fresh start. To wash away everything that has happened in the past and begin anew. Tonight at Mass, I distributed ashes and communion. It was the first time that I distributed ashes. I was moved by how beautiful it was. "From ashes you came and to ashes you shall return". It really sunk in when I was placing those ashes on the elderly who would, much sooner than myself, return to ashes.

For Lent, I am using Rediscovering Jesus as my guide. Today's theme is New Beginnings.

The question for today is: In what area of your life is God inviting you to experience a new beginning?

There are so many areas of my life that need new beginnings. My life in general has just slipped backwards. So, this Lent I am starting my life again from scratch. Not totally from scratch. I still have my same job, the same place to live, the same relationships and the same bad habits.

But, I will have a new attitude, a new sense of purpose and a chance to correct the things I've done.

I will put more focus on my prayer life and find the peace and clarity that I once had.

I will listen to God and practice patience with regards to my personal relationships.

I will give control over to God and accept that his plan for me is greater than any I could come up with myself.

Today, I put a renewed effort into saying my Morning and Evening prayers. To really take the words to hard and not rush through them just to get them over.

I put a renewed effort into offering everything I do for God's benefit. Being mindful to act in accordance with his wishes rather than my own.

I put in a renewed effort to draw closer to Jesus. To repair the relationship we once had.

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