Mar 22, 2013

Such A Long Week

I am completely worn out and really, I haven't done a lot. Between periods of actual work, I popped on the internet to catch up on the latest news. How revolting that was. I am so thoroughly sick of the hate and criticism that is passed off as news, not to mention the comments that accompany the articles.


The poor Pope is barely installed as Pope and he has been accused of everything from getting two priests kidnapped to supporting gay civil unions. Everyone seems to know that he is going to change this or that teaching and of course sell off the Church's treasures. Pirahna would be jealous of the feeding frenzy that is the state of news today. They seem to have a motto of "If you have nothing to report...make it up!"


If you aren't on the gay are a bigot. That seems to be the concensus of all gay all the time news and its supporters. I think some of those people need to look in the mirror, because there seems to be far more hate and bigotry coming from the pro-ssm side than the anti-ssm side.

It's exhausting having to weed through article after article of the latest has-been Hollywood star who now professes to be "gay" (as if we didn't know this information already) or how some "claims-to-be" Catholic "nun" supports ssm and "gay rights" just trying to find a single article that is actually news worthy. Is it too much to ask for real news (things that are important and we don't already know)?

I did get to see a rainbow colored house that some activists bought and painted across the street from Westboro Baptist Church. While I like fun colored stuff and don't care too much for the Westboro Baptist Church, I would secretly repaint the house in the middle of the night something less obnoxious. (I'd probably also get caught and thrown in jail, but I'd use the Twinkie in I went mad because there aren't any Twinkies...I'd totally get acquitted. But, I had better hurry because they are coming back this summer.)


I finally gave up trying to find any news from the mainstream media. I don't really want to want to read divisive opinions that are passed of as news. I don't want to read about the groundhog being charged for making a "false" prediction. And I certainly don't want to read mean hateful comments attaching everything and everyone.

Someone please let me know when the news becomes news again.

Mar 13, 2013

Pope Francis

What a wonderful surprise! Such a humble and holy man. I look forward to seeing where this shepherd will lead.

Mar 6, 2013

E-book on Benedict XVI

The Vatican has put out an awesome e-book with pictures and everything on the pope emeritus, Bendict XVI. Check it out here.