Oct 18, 2012

I Was Lost And Now I'm Found

Bless me Father for I have sinned. I have neglected my blog.

I have been distracted by other things. Namely, working on the website for Mary's Choice, which I think is considerably more important than my silly ramblings.

The other is the presidential election. I am so ready for that to be over with.  The volume of political ads, constant lying and ignorance of voters has just gotten way out of hand. My patience had run out trying to convince people to look at more than just political scare ads and pretty reteric. Unfortunately, people will end up with the political leaders they deserve rather than the ones they truly need.

It just makes me realize how important it is to follow God rather than political parties. For 2000 years the Church has been constant in it's teaching regardless of who was in charge. It's comforting to know that no matter who ends up in charge this election or any of those in the future, the Church will be the same.

This election also makes me grateful that the Church chooses Bishops we need rather than letting the laity choose Bishops we deserve. We need strong leaders that are not afraid to tell us the truth even if it isn't what we want to hear. I firmly believe that people want and need clear consistent guidelines for living. And thankfully the Church gives us those guidelines, which will not only make our life more peaceful, it guides our way into heaven.