Dec 27, 2012

Not Expecting That

I haven't found my thumbdrive yet, but out of nowhere a backup of everything up through October appeared on my laptop. I'm pretty sure it wasn't there the first 60 thousand times I looked through my files hoping that I had saved at least some of the files from the thumbdrive.

Everything but my Nanowrimo novel and some work I've done on another book was there. Thank you St. Anthony! I'm still praying that my thumbdrive reappears because having to rewrite 7 chapters will be a pain, but I can live with having the huge majority of my documents back.

While looking up more about St. Anthony, I found out that besides finding lost stuff, he's also the patron saint for a ton of other things, like baron women, pregnant women, American Indians, elderly people, boatmen, fishermen, harvests, horses, mariners, sailors, swineherds, travel hostesses, travelers and watermen. And he also protects against shipwrecks and starvation.

He is one busy saint. I'm just thankful that he spared a few minutes for me.

Prayer of Thanksgiving Saint Anthony of Padua

Most loving protector, St. Anthony, what gift can I give you in exchange to show my heartfelt gratitude? With your continued help I will show appreciation to you by being more faithful to God, more constant in prayer, and readier to do good to those nearest me. I praise you for the esteem in. which your name is held throughout the world, for the miracles and wonders with which you have filled the Church and the world, and for the many benefits men keep receiving through your gracious help.

May these intentions convey my great thanks to the triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and to our blessed Lady, Queen of heaven and earth.

Pray the Our Father
Pray the Hail Mary
Pray the Glory Be

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