Dec 12, 2012

Missing the Call

Recently, I came across a discussion online in which a poster was worried about missing God's call. The gist of the conversation was that they wish God would just tell them what he wanted them to do. What if they were called to the religious life, but didn't realize it until after they had already gotten married?

He'll Call Again

Trust me, God does not just call once, he keeps calling until you answer. (He's kind of a nag that way) When I was younger, I went off the tracks and ended up in a place where a call to religious life was no longer possible. Did God give up on me? Of course not. He reassessed his options and began calling me to do other things. Nothing is an obstacle to God.

Selective Hearing

God calls us in many different ways. You might be hoping for the booming voice with choirs of angels singing or maybe a written out agenda (that would be sweet). Not likely to happen. A call can be a subtle as a feeling of interest in something or thought or more major like getting lost and ending up at a priest's convention or hearing the same word or phrase over and over from different sources. If you're only tuned in to getting a big announcement, you just might miss the whisper.

Stop Waiting Around

While you're waiting to hear his call, instead of just sitting around stressing, get off your duff and seek him out. Pick a devotion. The rosary, Eucharistic adoration, liturgy of the hours are all good places to start. If it doesn't do anything for you, move on to another. Eventually you'll hit on something that feels right to you. Use that devotion to get closer to God. As you get closer, you'll be able to better hear him and might (big might) discover what he wants you to do with your life.


I know, patience is not easy, but, God does things in his own time. If you get into the mindset that you have to know and you have to know now, you could set yourself up for a false call. Prepare yourself to be ready to answer when he does call and then continue to live your life, centered on God.

God of wisdom and of counsel, You see in my heart a sincere desire to please You alone and to conform myself entirely to Your holy Will in the choice of my state in life. Grant me, I humbly implore You, by the intercession of the Blessed Virgin, my Mother and my holy Patrons, the grace to know what state in life I should choose and to embrace it when known, in order that thus I may seek Your glory and increase it, work out my own salvation, and deserve the heavenly reward which You have promised to those who do Your holy Will. Amen.

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