Aug 9, 2011

More Challenges

I finally found a job, although it's only part-time and my schedule is all over the place.  It makes it difficult to keep to a consistent schedule of prayer.  Who ever said it would be difficult following Jesus was not kidding.  This world offers so many obligations and distractions that can get in the way of doing what God wants.  I just have to find a way to mesh all of what and need to do with my obligations to God.  Where before I had challenges with fitting in meditation, I now have challenges with completing the hours.  Some days I work during the day and other times I work in the evenings.  Until I find a normal Monday through Friday job, I will have to work around the challenges.  I may have to find a quiet spot at work and say the hours on my break as close to the normal time for morning and evening prayers as I can manage.  On the bright side no matter when I say morning and evening prayers there will be someone somewhere in the world saying them with me.

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