Jun 25, 2011

Shopping Therapy

After last nights vote to legalize same-sex marriage I needed something to refocus my mind and energy.  So I did some shopping therapy.  I headed to my favorite Catholic bookstore and found a couple of new books to immerse myself in.  This trip served multiple purposes.  First, it redirected my thoughts back to God rather than to the sinful ways of others (which sometimes I focus way too much on).  Second, it allowed me to support a good faithful Catholic institution.  And since this bookstore is connected to a church and pilgrimage site I am helping to keep them open and spreading the truth.  Last, it gave me the opportunity to spend time in prayer in a beautiful outdoor setting before Our Lady of Carmel.  Peace flooded through my soul as I listened to the sounds of God's creation and let out all of my frustrations in prayer.  

The books that I picked up today are Edith Stein by Maria Ruiz Scaperlanda and Prayer Primer by Thomas Dubay, S.M.  I don't know anything about Edith Stein other than that she is a Carmelite saint, so this should be an interesting read.  The second book is a companion book to The Fire Within which I have previously read.  It seems to have some practical guidance for fitting prayer into a busy life.  Anything to help me get in more prayer and keep up with my normal practice of the Liturgy of the Hours is always appreciated.

Father in Heaven, 
You made me Your child 
and called me to walk in the Light of Christ. 
Free me from darkness 
and keep me in the Light of Your Truth. 
The Light of Jesus has scattered 
the darkness of hatred and sin.
Called to that Light, 
I ask for Your guidance. 
Form my life in Your Truth,
my heart in Your Love. 
Through the Holy Eucharist,
give me the power of Your Grace 
that I may walk in the Light of Jesus 
and serve Him faithfully. 


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