Jun 19, 2013

Wish I Had Learned Latin When I Was Young

A couple of years ago, I discovered the Latin Mass (or EF). It was new and interesting, but completely weird. I didn't understand the language nor the order of the Mass. I just watched everyone else and stood when they stood, kneeled when they kneeled and sat when they sat. The church was so quiet while the priest performed Mass with little input from the congregation. There was no chatting or kids playing in the seats. Everyone was focused on the Mass and being reverent. It was weird and I wasn't sure I would attend that Mass again.

Fast forward to today. I still occasionally attend the Latin Mass and now even recognize a few words. There is no hope left that I will ever figure out the order of the mass, but I keep trying. There is a beauty to the Latin Mass that isn't present in the Norvus Ordo (NO) Mass. I am greatful that Pope Benedict XVI (now Pope Emeritus) brought back this beautiful tradition.

I come from the lost generation of Catholics. We are the ones who never learned Latin, never learned the specifics of our faith and basically got short changed. It took me years, but I am now beginning to learn all of the things that I should have learned when I was younger. Only it is much harder this time around. Thanks to the internet and thousands of Catholic resources doing so is much easier.

Youtube is one of my favorite resources for all things Latin. You can view EF Masses, pray along with the rosary in Latin, learn a little Latin, and so much more.

What are your favorite Latin resources?

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