Feb 29, 2012

Back To BroomTree

I'm so excited! I'm heading back to BroomTree Retreat Center for the weekend. The silent retreats are so amazing. It is just you and God in the middle of nowhere. If only I could run away to BroomTree and stay forever. Instead, on Sunday I will come back home to my noise filled life, where God has to compete with all of the other things going on in my life. It is so much harder to focus on God when you have a job and family and a life. But, I am trying to change that by carving out a small place in my home that is dedicated only to God. A special place where I can go to pray, meditate and just be with God in silence. Okay, so silence may be hard to come by. It will be our place. Until then, I will just be glad for BroomTree where I get to spend 3 whole days of uninterrupted time with God.

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