Dec 9, 2011

Our Time

The Foundations of St. Theresa of Avila is a fascinating study of the trials and tribulations St. Theresa faced in setting up her monasteries in sixteen century Spain. While there are some very stark differences between her time and ours, there are some eerie similarities. As in her time and ours, obedience seems to be in short supply.  News report after news report lists the transgressions and dissent of church laity, priests, nuns and bishops alike. Some in the Church visibly defy the hierarchy and what it teaches. There seems to be an endless supply of self-appointed interpreters of God's law who feel it necessary to tell the Church how it is wrong in all things, while still maintaining they are devout Catholics.

Some of those in defiance of the Church may never understand that when they defy the teachings of the Church, they are defying God. We must have hope that they will see the error of their ways before it is too late to repent.  Until that day comes, we must follow St. Theresa's example of total obedience to our Church.  From this obedience we can reform the Catholic Church and drown out those voices of dissent.  St. Theresa led the way in reforming the Church in her time, it is our turn to do so in our time.

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