Nov 4, 2011

In Silence

Today is the end of the first full day of my silent retreat at Broom Tree Retreat Center near Irene, SD.  It started yesterday at 6, but today was really the first day.  I thought that not chatting would be the hardest part.  Was I ever wrong.  The hardest part was getting all of the voices in my head to shut up so that God could talk.  I am so used to all the noise of everyday life and all of it's distractions that my mind didn't know what to do in all this quiet.  As the day has gone on the noise has been going away and God's voice is getting clearer.

Last night after Mass, I got the clear vision of Jesus with hand out beaconing me to walk with him.  With all the noise in my head I avoided him. Being the patient and merciful God he humored me and just stood on that path all day.  Until tonight that is. At eucharistic adoration He spoke again. He said, "Tomorrow you will walk with me."  I, of course, could only answer with "Ok."  To be perfectly honest, my mind was starting to wander when he spoke up, so I was a little startled.  So I guess tomorrow I better be ready to listen.

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