May 9, 2011

Oh How I Adore Thee Lord

Today I went to Eucharistic Adoration for the first time at the Cathedral.  In the past Eucharistic Adoration has been the 5 or 10 minutes that I could squeeze in before I had to go to work.  That small amount of time never allowed me to spend time adoring our Lord like he deserves.  Now that I am temporarily out from under the obligations of work (ie unemployed) I have been spending that time attending in the presents of our Lord.  I am fortunate to live in a town that has several Catholic churches and a monastery, so I have a nearly daily opportunity to spend time with the Lord.

I thought that after several weeks of going to Eucharistic Adoration my "school girl crush" would settle into a routine affection.  Instead it seems to be getting worse.  Every time I go before the Eucharist, I want to giggle and squeal as if the cute boy just said hi to me in the hallway at school.  My hour (or longer) with the Lord lifts my heart and makes my whole day seem a little bit brighter.  And then I can't wait until the next time to do it all over again.

Prayer to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

Heart of Jesus in the Eucharist,
I adore You.
Sweet Companion of our exile,
I seek You.
Holy God become man,
I beat with Your Heart.
Eucharistic Heart of Jesus,
solitary, abandoned,
humiliated, cursed,
despised, outraged,
ignored by men,
have mercy on us.
Lover of our hearts,
pleading for Your beloved,
patiently waiting for us,
eager to hear our confidences,
desirous of our devotion,
have mercy on us.
Heart of grace,
silent and wishing to speak,
Refuge of the hidden life,
Sharer of the secrets of union with God,
Eucharistic Heart of Jesus,
have mercy on us.
Jesus, Victim, I want to comfort You.
I unite myself with You.
I offer myself in union with You.
I count myself as nothing before You.
I desire to forget myself and think only of You,
to be forgotten and rejected for love of You,
not to be understood, not to be loved, except by You.
I will hold my peace that I may listen to You.
I will forsake myself in order to be lost in You.
Grant that I may quench Your thirst for my salvation,
Your burning thirst for my sanctification,
and that, being purged, I may give You a true and pure love.
I no longer want to deny Your expectations.
Take me. I give myself to You.
I entrust to You all my actions and thoughts -- my mind, that You may enlighten it,
my heart, that You may fill it,
my will, that You may establish it,
my soul and body, that You may feed and sustain them.
Eucharistic Heart of Jesus,
Whose Blood is the life of my soul,
may it no longer be I who live,
but You alone Who lives in me.


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